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PLEASE NOTE: To register for a workshop, you MUST prepay at least 48hrs in advance. Thank you. 


Saturday, August 5th, 8-10pm
Welcome to the August Full Moon ritual. With the cat as a totem of creativity and the Goddess Sophia for Wisdom, we like to celebrate these at the full moon and engage is magical work that is also fun for the full moon. Celtic Hazel Tree for Intuition, Poetry, Divination. Sturgeon/Corn Moon for Gratitude to the spirits and yourself and for Self-Care.
Bring: $5 donation, mug for tea, notebook

Saturday, August 12th starting 11am
Please contact us if you plan to attend any of these activities. 

* 11am-12pm: Meditation 101
This is for children ages 5-10. Children and parents will learn several simple ways to meditate (even together) to find a moment of calm in the chaos of the day.
Cost: $5 per child

* 12-1pm: LUNCH
There are lots of great little places to eat around us. We will see you after lunch! 

* 1-2pm: Circle Songs & Dances
This is for children ages 5-10. Learn a number of simple and fun songs and dances. Some songs have hand gestures, some dances have no words. Great way to raise energy and burn off the excitement. Great way to discover the Craft through song and dance. Great way to wind down before bed.
Cost: $5 per child
* 2-3pm: Basics of Ritual

This is for children ages 10-16. Pre-teens and teens will learn what goes into designing simple rituals and will create a full moon ritual to perform when they get home.
Cost: $5 per pre-teen / teen
* 3-5pm: Inspiring Young Writers

This is for children ages 10-16. Pre-teens and teens will discover new and exciting ways to get inspired, techniques to improve their writing and make it both fun and interesting to do (and to read after). Perfect was a way to get ready for school or even to consider joining the Young Writers Program to publish their story in the annual anthology.
Cost: $10 per pre-teen / teen
* 5-6pm: DIY Book of Shadows

This is for children ages 10-16. Pre-teens and teens will explore their creativity as they learn to bind their very own book to use as a private journal or magical Book of Shadows.
Cost: $10 per pre-teen / teen 

SACRED TREES (with Scarlet)
Saturday, August 12th,  7-9pm,  $40 (supplies included)
Discover the symbols and meanings of the 13 Celtic Sacred Trees. Make your own simple starter Ogham Divination set. Learn how to divine with these trees and how to incorporate them into a monthly routine of sacred rituals.

Saturday, August 19th, 7-9pm
This is a time of introspection and letting go. Please bring a mug for tea
Donation $5  

Saturday, August 26th, 1-5pm
Crescent Moon School (CMS) has been teaching people for 22 years now. WOW!  We start the new session of Levels 1 through 4 in September.
3pm FREE workshop: Making Blessing Water
3:30pm FREE Workshop: How to Write with Quill & Ink for Spellcrafting

Registration online for the Levels 1 through 4 is open!
Level 1 will be held either Saturday evenings 6-9pm starting September 9th or Sunday mornings 10am-1pm starting September 10th.
Levels 2-4 are arranged privately according to the schedules of teachers and the returning students. 

Sunday, August 27th, 11am-2pm
Do you love the world of Harry Potter? Which you could go to Hogwarts? Welcome to Montreal's Magical Academy and roleplay monthly experience. Register for a year of mystery and adventure! 
For more information, click HERE!

BODY TALK (by Monika)
Monday, August 28th, 7-8pm FREE (donations welcome)
Discover the healing practice with this introduction to Body Talk.


 *** sneak peak ***
  • Full Moon Ritual
  • Dark Moon Ritual
  • CMS begins weekend after Labour Day
  • Maplestone Academy starts a new session
  • Maplestone Academy has a Students vs Monsters mini-quiddich game
  • Community Connections Day
  • ... and more ...

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